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RunMan: Race Around the World Goes Open Source

So, this is something Matt and I said we wanted to do a long time ago. Yesterday was Sonic the Hedgehog’s birthday, and seeing people make such a fuss over it, I feel compelled to offer a reminder of who the REAL king of speedy platform games is. You’ll never see Sega pulling this!

Here’s the editable Game Maker file for the final version of RunMan: Race Around the World:

To work with it, just drop it into the base directory of the full game, then open it with a registered copy of Game Maker (version 7 or higher). The source code is a royal mess, but you can at least put together your own levels and edit the art assets pretty easily.

We’re releasing this with a General Public License (GPL). You can do whatever you like with the editable, so long as any modified version you release publicly is also open source under GPL. All the art assets included may be redistributed for free, as long as you attribute them to myself and Matt - if you want to use them in a commercial project e-mail me at istomsennett [at]

If you make something cool, let us know! E-mail myself or Matt, or post on my Facebook or @ me on Twitter or send me a letter through the postal service.